Our Products And Services Include:


"Okay, Enough with the tech stuff, what if I needed a vinyl banner for a sale coming up, could you make me one?"

 "Well yes, when do you need it?"

"Today or tomorrow"


I think that we can literally design, print and/or build just about any type of advertising material there is out there. On site signs? No problem! Scrolling LED Signs? No problem!  But it's not just signs and banners, it's everything.

No really, everything. 

Take a seat and I will try to tell you in a few words what we do for you...

We Bring You Clients...

• Create An Online Presence

• Get found on mobile and online searches

• Publish Your Own Book/Novel

• Print Your Magazines and Booklets

• Let us design your Next T-Shirt or Hoodie


Simply put, we have helped tens of thousands of businesses by bringing their thoughts about branding and marketing to life through imaging, design, print and custom fabrication to include paper, plastic, metal, aluminum, acrylic, foam, sandblasting, laser etching and custom die punching.

We are located in Augusta, Georgia but our reach is nationwide.

Some of our other services include (of course) graphic design for any project. Our designs range from business cards to lighted signs, to website design and ad placement. We even do ad tracking. What is ad tracking you ask? It is the most sophisticated way to advertise your products and services via technology. Click here to learn more about Ad Tracking.


Customers Feedback

Brad is the exception

Brad is the first web designer/internet marketer I've worked with who "gets it." Over the years I've worked with a number of designers - generally with disappointing results. Brad is the exception. He does his research, knows his business, and delivers quality products on time and within budget. Based on my experience, I highly recommend Brad "The Graphix Surgeon".

Ted McLyman

The quality of work was an A+

Brad designed two book covers for me and both of the book covers are super outstanding. He called me regarding the job, he followed up via phone and email, and he emailed sample proofs expeditiously. Amazing work.
...the turn around time for a sample proof was extremely fast, an hour or two. Most importantly, the quality of work was an A+. I highly recommend his services.

D. West
National On-Air TV Personality

Some Of Our Clients Include:


 Along with pro athletes, schools, doctors and lawyers.

We can service small/corporate businesses alike.

We also love working with non-profit agencies such as:

The Veterans Ranch Community and America S.S.C


House every homeless veteran nationwide!

Website Design

Our Website Design Studio in located in Martinez, GA. From eCommerce to mobile friendly websites. We even develop mobile applications here in Augusta, Ga. Android and iOs. All website packages available are not mobile friendly. For example: We have 4 packages to choose from. Our least expensive website design package is $250. That includes a 4 page website, contact form, custom email address, domain name registration and hosting for 1 year. However, you cannot get an eCommerce website (unless you design it through a free/monthly contract based site such as wix.com) for any less than $800 from us. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This involves months of building powerful and diverse links that make your site appear more relevant to the search engine. These links are produced the hard way from “white-hat” sources including social media, directories, blogs, press releases, and other sources. The combinations of these operations bring our client sites to the top of the search results, producing dramatic improvements in site visitors.

Social Media Marketing

In 3 minutes flat... uncover "hidden" Profitable audiences to target every single time you/we run Social Media Ads. The kind of audiences you can never find on the basic targeting results; the kind of audience that makes you bucketloads of money, GUARANTEEING your positive ROI on EVERY campaign...

Detailed Marketing Plans

Are you familiar with a USP? For example: The unique selling proposition (USP) or unique selling point is a marketing concept first proposed as a theory to explain a pattern in successful advertising campaigns of the early 1940s. The USP states that such campaigns made unique propositions to customers that convinced them to switch brands. This is only a "small" portion of the research and projections that go in to these plans. Starting at only $5,000* (depending on industry) *eCommerce based business. If your company has multiple locations the price may vary state to state.

Commercial Printing

 If you are proud of your custom creations, let the professionals at GraphixSurgeon.com proudly showcase your work by printing them. With the use of the latest technologies we capture and print your most beautiful creations. We specialize in personalized printing and ensure that your art’s authenticity is maintained throughout the printing process. Printing, Signs and Banners are our specialty.

Signs and Banners

Our Custom Signs include a world of shapes, materials, sizes, colors, type styles, or special features. Allow our experts to work with you to evaluate your needs and suggest custom signs that will fit your budget and exceed your expectations. It may be a certain look you’re after or it could mean designing a system of signs that differentiate you from your competition. Our efficient approach to production combined with our extensive array of materials and suppliers mean that your custom sign products will be prepared on time and to your complete satisfaction.

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